Hello 2013!  How lucky am I that I get to work with Renata and Chris just a few days into the new year for some Seattle engagement photography atop Queen Anne hill and Discovery Park?

We were #soblessed with a beautiful, sunny day and leisurely followed the good light before it quickly left us altogether after some introductory (and nerve-calming) beverages at the Hilltop Alehouse on Queen Anne and tasty Cubanos from El Diablo.

These two are SMART.  And they save lives.  And they have a fantastic Australian shepherd named Ruddy with a winning personality.  FWIW, Ruddy is also the first organism with a heart beat to ride in the back of my beloved wagon.

Ruddy rules.  So do Chris and Renata.  I can’t wait for their Seattle Aquarium wedding with Emily from Manette Gracie making things purdy and keeping the timeline Swiss.

photoblog by Flosites