Trevor + ValerieJenne Farm WeddingWhidbey Island, WA

From bustling New York to quaint Whidbey Island in Washington, Trevor and Valerie wanted a quieter commitment ceremony by having a Jenne Farm wedding. Even as a Seattle man, I could feel the contrast between the city lifestyle and something a bit more calm, and a little old fashioned. It was powerful.

At the very moment Trevor saw Valerie in her stepping out of the white farm cottage in her wedding dress, it was easy to tell that these guys had a strong history that dated back to their elementary school days.

No, not as students! They actually met while working as both teachers and basketball coach in Harlem when the sparks first started flying. I think they could teach us a little something about working the water works as well.

It’s easy to understand that a wedding where tears are shed is a wedding to remember. But I swear, not one person here had a dry eye! The cuteness factor multiplied by 10 fold when I saw the table toppers. Their students had hand written tips on having a happy marriage. “Dear Mr. B, Show her how much you love her.”

The windy Jenne Farm fields moved like waves under the rose woven alter and across the 140 acres to views of Ebay Landing and the Puget Sound. There they stood in the rich bounty of nature untouched by man’s skyscrapers and highways. It was them, their loved ones, and some dude with a camera with blue glasses and an earring.

I’m sure I’m making this sound way more hoity-toity and corny than it was. Believe me! After the wedding, let me tell you, Jenne Farm threw DOWN! This dance floor was hot. Ain’t no wedding reception like a Jenne Farm wedding reception!

A big congrats to Trevor and Valerie. Though they’re probably living it large and busy back in New York right now, I’m glad my photos could give them a bit of peace of mind when they look back on them.

Black and White wedding dress hangs at the windowStudent written table top tips on how to have a happy marriageGroom straightening tieBride cottage farmBride and Groom under rose alterBride and Groom walk through meadowBride and Groom at sunsetGroom doing the worm