Renata + ChrisQueen Anne EngagementSeattle, WA

Hello 2013!  How lucky am I that I get to work with Renata and Chris to fulfill their request for a Queen Anne engagement session near their home.

We were #soblessed with a beautiful, sunny day and leisurely followed the good light before it quickly left us altogether after some introductory (and nerve-calming) beverages at the Hilltop Alehouse on Queen Anne and tasty Cubanos from El Diablo.

These two are SMART.  And they save lives.  And they have a fantastic Australian shepherd named Ruddy with a winning personality.  FWIW, Ruddy is also the first organism with a heart beat to ride in the back of my beloved wagon.

The session began by working some low, warm light in Parson’s Garden before exploring nearby textures provided the many phenomenal homes in the area. As we were just a few days into the new year it was very cold so snuggling for the couple came naturally and be necessity!

Ruddy rules.  So do Chris and Renata.  I can’t wait for their Seattle Aquarium wedding with Emily from Manette Gracie making things purdy and keeping the timeline Swiss.

Profile of an engaged couple in Parsons Garden bathed in warm light in the Queen Anne neighborhood of SeattleAn engaged couple light heartedly embrace while their dog roams at their feet while at Discovery Park in SeattleAn Australian shepherd takes center stage during a Seattle engagement photography session in Seattle's Discovery ParkA couple stand together amid purple, pink skies during their engagement photography session in Seattle's Discovery ParkAn engaged couple square off in a romantic and intimate moment for a dramatic silhouette

  • Sean said:

    I absolutely love your style! Definitely some inspirational stuff. Keep up the good work.