Billy + IngridUniversity of Washington EngagementSeattle, WA

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Ingrid + Billy during their University of Washington engagement session ahead of their upcoming wedding. It was a gorgeous spring evening to visit the Suzzallo Library and other points of interest on the UW campus while making a quick stop in Fremont before ultimately ending up downtown at Pike Place Market near the Alibi Room, one of their favorite haunts.

Ingrid & Billy exude a quiet confidence and closeness that is refreshing to photograph.  Besides being over the moon to photograph their Volunteer Park/Melrose Market wedding in August, I’m also looking forward to photographing the wedding of Billy’s sister Alex this summer for a little thing called Lightning Bolts of Love.  The family that marries together stays together?!


It’s my standard practice now to offer portrait subjects a free 11×14 mounted lab print of their choice from their session if they can drum up 30 original comments on their blog post. Ingrid and Billy are no different (in that regard). Please take a moment to vote for your favorites, ‘Like’ the images on Facebook, pin one or two to Pinterest and MOST DEFINITELY add a comment at the bottom of the post so these two can score a free print. Thanks for stopping by!

A couple embrace while backlight by glowing evening sun during their University of Washington engagement sessionA couple pop off of structural slabs near the Suzzallo Library during a University of Washington engagement sessionA couple walk and look at each other lovingly while bathed in evening sun during their University of Washington engagement sessionA guy kisses a girl on the nose while drenched in evening sun at their University of Washington engagement sessionA couple move from their University of Washington engagement session to a backlight night shot outside the Alibi Room at Pike Place Market

  • Alex said:

    Yay! These turned out so wonderful! Can't wait to see the wedding pics!

  • JVS said:

    Lookin' good Kip! Your clients should be thrilled!

  • Lee Hoover said:

    Excellent pictures! The last one is my favorite. Can't wait to see the wedding (and the pics that come from it).

  • Mirza said:

    Wonderful pics! Wish you all the best in your future together!

  • Margaret Leggett said:

    Love the pics only 3 months away! Can't wait. The 3rd from the bottom pic is really cool.

  • wa wa we wah! shadows through the window is my fav. very Rear Window!

  • Christine said:

    Great photos! You two look so happy and in love!

  • Jonas said:

    They turned out so nice!

  • Tye Howell said:

    Love the light contrast and nighttime shots.

  • ralene said:

    I love the path photo and the arch window pic.

  • Mike Little said:

    Love the great pics!!!

  • David Leggett said:

    Can't wait to officially welcome Ingrid to the family. Great pictures!!

  • Shelley Dunlop said:

    I like the nose kissing one best :)

  • Ben R said:

    Congrats - they look great!

  • Peter said:

    nice work, they look great

  • Jessica Mathie said:

    Wow! Beautiful photos of beautiful people :)

  • Kelvin said:

    looking forward to the wedding!

  • Tiffany said:

    Talk about a tough decision with picking a favorite picture! These are wonderful. So excited for the wedding!

  • Eric Hoover said:

    These photos are great. You two look so happy. I'm excited for the two of you! The big day is coming soon, it's gonna be quite the event.

  • Terrance said:

    These turned out rad. Looking forward to a great time in August. Nice work as always Kip.

  • Stephanie Hoover said:

    Kip, I love how you captured so naturally the love these two share. It is a beautiful thing to see a love story shown in your photos. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!