Alex + TerranceGolden Gardens Bathhouse WeddingSeattle, WA

Alex + Terrance did it in front of friends and loved ones last fall while rocking a rainy Seattle day for a beachy Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding shindig with an edge. It was an action packed day dodging raindrops and celebrating with sand between our toes.

I was joined by Huy Nguyen (honcho at Foundation Workshop, Fearless Photographers and Love Unscripted) as a very, very capable second photographer and it proved to be a great experience working alongside him and a great asset to Alex and Terrance’s image collection.

My coverage started off in the Ballard neighborhood with the girls having hair and make-up done in a friend’s home. It was a cozy little bungalow that provided a homey, comfortable vibe. Huy started off an apartment on Capital Hill belonging to a friend and was on hand to photograph plenty of Xbox and consumption of spirits by the guys 😉

After a 1st look at Golden Gardens Bathhouse where Terrance got to see Alex in her beautiful family heirloom bridal gown for the first time, the couple and bridal party ventured to King’s Hardware in the heart of old Ballard to make use of the covered outdoor patio and establish a fun and relaxing mood with some bourbon cocktails, a great idea.

We next headed back to Golden Gardens to take some portraits incorporating the beautiful fall foliage and then ducked inside to ready for the ceremony. The bride’s brother was stationed in Istanbul and joined us live via FaceTime. One funny moment during the ceremony was when Terrance grabbed an instant camera to snap a few photos of Alex… I don’t think she knew that was coming and her expressions were priceless.

Style points for this wedding were: A time capsule of anecdotes and well wishes by guests, mojitos, some seriously tasty pie in lieu of cake, limbo dancing, their pugs cutting loose on the dance floor with a rainy nighttime portrait and wet sparkler send off. The best.

A bride with red hair has her long hair strewn over her face during hair styling from her Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding to reveal only her nose ring and lips with bold red lipstickA 2-up diptych of a brides velvety, orange high heels atop a pumpkin on the left and a garden gnome statue with her garter on the cone hat on the right photographed during prep for a Golden Gardens Bathhouse weddingA bride departs her getting ready location and descends steps in her unique family heirloom wedding gown holding a vintage parasol from Bella Umbrella en route to her first look for her Golden Gardens Bathhouse weddingA bride and groom pose side by side while looking at each other for their Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding holding vintage parasols from Bella UmbrellaA bride and her bridesmaids interact casually with big smiles on the patio of King's Hardware in Ballard before their Golden Gardens Bathhouse weddingThe maid of honor for a Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding sips a mojito at King's Hardware in Ballard while her elaborate chest tattoo is highlightedA detail from a Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding requesting guests to fill out cards stating what they love about the bride and groom for the purpose of a time capsuleA 2-up diptych of Golden Garden Bathhouse wedding details featuring a sign and sparklers indicating a sparkler send off at 9:45pm on the left and the bride's DIY floral and decor of votives and vintage glassware on the rightA groom takes a time out from his Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding ceremony to snap a few instant camera photos of his brideA couple dance their first dance at their Golden Gardens Bathhouse Wedding with an intimate, moody black and white photoMouths are agape and arms outstretched in an effort to catch the tossed bouquet at a Golden Gardens Bathhouse WeddingA Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding couple are photographed under a vintage parasol from Bella Umbrella at night with a backlight to highlight the torrent of rain falling around themA groom tows his bride during their Golden Gardens Bathhouse wedding sparkler send off in the rain

Golden Gardens Bathhouse Wedding Details

Venue: Golden Gardens Bathhouse
MOH: Caitlin Shipley
BM: Adam Critzer
Officiant: John Meyer
Bridal Gown: Family heirloom
Florals: The bride
Coordination: The bride
Catering: Larry’s Smokehouse
Parasols: Bella Umbrella
Photography: Kip Beelman Photography